Staple Spun Polyester


It is made from polyester staple fibres. Its great advantage is its versatile use in the garment industry. The special sewing finish enables break-free sewing on modern high-revolution sewing machines. The thread stands out for its high strength, colourfastness and resistance to abrasion, bacteria and mould.

Filament Yarn


Filament threads are made from multiple continuous strands of either rayon, polyester or nylon, which are then twisted together to form the thread. The advantage it provides is very little or no lint.

Core Spun Polyester


Core Spun Polyester threads are made by wrapping a staple polyester around a continuous filament bundle of polyester fibers during spinning, and then plying these yarns into a sewing thread. The continuous filament polyester core provides greater strength per size, greater uniformity in size and a higher resistance to stretching.

Monofilament Thread


Monofilament thread is similar in composition to extremely fine fishing line. It comes in clear and smoke, the clear for use on light fabrics and the smoke for use on dark fabrics. Monofilament thread is strong and not difficult to use.

Cotton Thread


Cotton is a soft, staple fibre that grows in a form that is a ball around the seeds of the cotton plant. The fibre is spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft and breathable textile, which is the most widely used natural fibre cloth in the clothing today.

Burmilana Thread


Burmilana is a fine wool/acrylic embroidery thread, perfect for high speed computerized embroidery, overlocking and decorative stitching. It is a strong and thick thread which fills designs leaving a warm and interesting texture.